At the age of 17, Vinny Integlia was a physically fit, active teenager who was also an accomplished musician. He looked forward to attending college and pursuing a career in music.

One year later, he ran and dove into the ocean at a local beach. Hitting the water, the angle of impact broke Integliaís neck. He became C5-C6 Quadraplegic.

Six months of rehab. followed, as well as learning how to live life all over again in a wheelchair. With the help from family and friends, he returned home, began driving a re-modified van and enrolled at a local college.

To date, Vinny has earned a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Illinois and a Masterís in Human Resource Management. He has been a HR Representative for Rhode Island Hospital, and Multimedia Supervisor for a university in Newport, R.I.. He assisted his mom in creating and running a foundation to raise money for Spinal Cord injury research and has been the subject of feature stories done by the media...


You and Me Against the World

-Vinny Integlia's book, as told to Jack Gallvin, is now available for purchase. The first chapter is downloadable for free.


-Listen to Jack Galvin's audio essay on Vinnny Integlia


Vinny co-hosts a weekly radio show called "Special Needs Lifestyles" twice a month. The 1 hour broadcast provides technology, information and resources for listeners who are disabled, newly injured or older, every Sunday afternoon from 4:30-5:30 pm.


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